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March 14, 2008


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Wow! It looks awesome!! Great job!


Congratulations with your 50th post! Of course my tip for New sewers is to visit your Flickr group. And buy Amy Karols book. It's great for new sewers as you learn quite lot of basics with every project from this book. oh, and buy a seam ripper. I use mine all the time.

Joan J

Love the little wristlet! Congrats on a really inspirational blog!


I think your wristlet looks lovely! I am still terrified of zippers. I have the pieces for a zipper pouch all cut out and waiting to be sewn, but I just haven't been able to tackle it yet. Maybe your post will inspire me to be bold.

My best advice to new sewers (although I am one as well, so this might be the blind leading the blind here...) is to change your sewing machine needle regularly. I used to have sooooo many problems with my machine jamming, and it was horrible. When I started changing my needle on a regular basis (not every time I start a new project, but every few small projects and definitely before starting anything big), all of the problems disappeared! Such a little thing has made sewing a million times easier and less frustrating for me.


Best advice my mom ever gave me for sewing was that half done is never finished. I have a tendancy to just finish whatever I am working on and it's not what I wanted it to be. It took a few projects, but it really is worth tearing it apart and fixing what I didn't like about it. In fact, I just made a new purse for myself and it isn't still enough. I love the fabric, I love the pockets, and the size is perfect. It doesn't have any body to it though and it sits waiting for me to rip it apart to put interfacing in. It's how you learn...admiting to and fixing your mistakes!

Love the blog, keep writing!

Crista C.

Congratulations on your blog! You must be very proud. I love reading your blog. It is nice to have other sew-ers to relate to when most of the blogs seem to be by people much more experiencd than myself.

My tip for new sewers would be to go slow...every time i try to hurry and cut fabric, it turns out crooked. And the same with my stitching. The slower I go, the better my finished product looks! Hopefully, I won't have to be a slow poke forever though.


Karen, the wristlet looks great! I love the fabrics (as always), and nice work with the zipper!

Let's see, a tip for new sewists . . . Well, one thing I've found helpful is making notes on patterns after I've done a project. If there's something that's clearer in retrospect, like "pin every few inches", I mark it on the pattern so I can see it the next time.

Well, I hope I win an original Karen creation! ;-)


Hi Karen, I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so happy - at last, a "new to the sewing/blogging world" person - like me!
Let's or tools...the other day I picked up a rotary mat, cutter, and non-slip ruler. Soooo helpful and satisfying.
Congrats on your 50th post!!


Very cute wristlet! I am a super beginner at sewing, and the most valuable thing for me is to have a person who I can ask questions. That is better than any tool, device, or piece of advice :)


CUTE! My father-in-law made me a seam ripper for Christmas (he's a wood turner), and it has gotten plenty of use! Guess that shows you where my sewing skills lie...haha.

Nancy McCarroll

great! I won't bet that I will win your give-away, so how can I buy one of YOURS that you previously sewed???

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