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February 20, 2008


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Wendi Gratz

I use the third method for sewing zippers into skirts and here are a couple of tips for you.
I don't even know what basting glue is. I use painters tape.It's less sticky than regular masking tape and you can sew right over it. Use a couple of strips on the back - across the zipper to hold it in place after you get it centered over your basted seam.
For the zipper-pull thing - I start topstitching my zipper in place just below the bulky zipper pull. Then I sew down to the bottom, across the bottom of the zipper, and up the top until I hit the zipper pull again. Take it out of the machine, take out your basting, unzip the zipper (getting the bulky pull out of the way) and then go back in and sew that last little bit at the top. It's a bit of an extra step, but it looks neater in the end. I have no idea if this is the "official" way to do it, but it works for me.
By the way - I finally got around to posting about your site on my blog! Have a great day!


Thanks, Wendi! This is great, so helpful. I'm thinking of buying the Sew What! Skirts book, so I'll definitely need to sew in some zippers.

And thanks again for your other tutorial about invisible stitching for closing up stuffed animals, etc - I had no idea when I posted it that I'd end up using it all the time!



It's a little eerie that I've gone through the exact same process with similar results -- in order, I did BTR and the Twelve 22 tutorial. I gave up on BTR because the zippered corners were rounded (I was skeptical about sewing over the zipper, and it turns out for good reason, I think). The Twelve 22 method yielded a not-well-lined-up zipper and rounded corners. My plan, when I regain courage, is to try that second method again but leave more space at the end of the zipper, so they don't get so tucked into the rounded corners. I also will try Wendi's approach. But I have sworn off zippers for a while still.


Oh, that's funny!

Yes, on the one I made with Method 1, you can see that the top end of the zipper (where the tab goes when its closed) came out with a nice corner - the cloth ends of the zipper just get sewn into the seam. I am thinking that if I had a zipper that was actually the right length, I could sew the cloth ends on the bottom into the other seam, and then both corners would be square. Am I right? But I couldn't really do that with a zipper that I'd shortened and cut off, so I just let the extra hang down inside the bag, which makes a rounded corner.

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