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February 27, 2008


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Wendi Gratz

Guess what? I have a binding tutorial on my site too! I don't know how to create a hyperlink in the comments field, but you can cut and paste this static link to get to the tutorial.

You can easily make a loop for hanging if you start binding at one corner, work your way all around, then make a twisted loop at the end with the loose tail of the bidning strip. It's kind of like making a figure 8 loop. The top of the 8 is the hanging loop and the bottom of the 8 is the binding that goes around your potholder. Hope that makes sense!


Hi Wendi - Thank you, this is great! I saw your tutorial, and I was thinking about using it, but I wasn't sure how to add the loop. I'll try it out, hopefully this weekend after my trip to Cooperstown :)

Btw, I'm so psyched that you read my blog.

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