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February 13, 2008


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These are lovely! Nice job. And beautiful fabric! I've never been to City Quilter and am curious.

I commented on flickr that the elastic was hard for me too. And the lining was puffy for me, even when I clipped close to the seams and pressed. I tried making the lining just a little shorter than the exterior, which helped a little with that. I think my next one will just have a light interfacing instead of flannel . . . Anyway, very nicely done, and I am enjoying your blog!


Thanks, Talya!

The City Quilter is nice, they have a larger selection than Purl Soho, although Purl has some cooler designer-y fabrics.

I agree, the flannel makes the bags a little puffy in general. I might experiment later on (after I use up my 3 yards of flannel!) to see if I can find something thinner but just a little stiffer.

That's a good idea about making the lining shorter, makes sense!

Glad you like the blog :)



Karen, your bag is so cute! I'm so happy that you have a sewing blog as I am trying to do a little more sewing and work myself up to real projects. Could you suggest a good book for a beginning sewer? Not just sewing projects, but general information about techniques and how to follow patterns, etc.


Also, Happy Valentine's Day! :)


Hi Linda! How's it going?

I like the book Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. The first half is general sewing techniques and the second half has beginner-to-advanced-beginner projects. Bend-the-Rules Sewing has fantastic projects but a lot of times - like with this project and the trimming - I find myself having to go to S.E.W. for the techniques to make them really come out nice.

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