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February 29, 2008


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Thanks for the resource! I just checked it out, and there are a ton of things I never thought about before on that list. I'm pretty new at sewing, and I definitely didn't realize that it is one of the most expensive of hobbies!


Hey, at least we didn't decide to try glass-blowing or gold-jewelry-making, right?!

Seriously, it is more expensive than I thought. I am trying to make up for it by making gifts for people, cuz then at least I don't have to buy the gift. Except I'm giving gifts to people I might not normally buy something for, just to have an excuse to sew...

Glad the link was helpful! -K


I also get a bunch of my fabric from thrift stores. I usually pick up small print floral fabrics, usually in the form of pillowcases or sheets, because they make good linings for bags. But i look beyond the linens section...i look for cozy flannels in the pajamas and clothes made of interesting fabrics too.

i am impressed with your courage to sew a zipper (from a previous post). that is my next goal. your post will be really helpful.

hope you're having a good weekend, with lots of time to sew.



Another thing I have recently discovered is the wonderful world of buttons and embroidery. I feel like embroidery can spruce up any plain fabric. I borrowed Sublime Stitching from a friend and it has a lot of cute embroidery patterns in it, but i think freehand drawings are great too. And of course, buttons are always exciting!


My biggest sewing money saver has been craigslist. You would be amazed at how often people clean out their old sewing supplies and sell them for next-to-nothing. I check it regularly and snap up any cheap lots that I can find. My most recent treasure trove consisted of three garbage bags full of fabric, notions, trims, zippers, patterns, etc., all for the amazing price of $20. What a steal!

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